Friday, October 14, 2016

A new baby.....GIRL?

On a faithful Sunday, 18th September 2016 .... that's when I was tested positive for the 2nd time of my life with the pregnancy home tester.

And I'm wondering is there possibility to know the gender without going through the ultrasound test (which Lionel did when he was 3 months in the womb and we knew it was 99% a boy).

That's when I found out there is this thing called Chinese Gender Calendar, using the mother's lunar age and also the lunar month of conception.

Tried it on Lionel's information and it was definitely a I thought okay...this is pretty fun so let's see if this baby would turn out to be another prince or a princess.

So....based on the calendar...for lunar age was 28 and was conceived in the lunar month of July....hence a boy. lunar age is 30 and conceived in the lunar month of July also...and it's a girl. And it seems that for my age in these few years time, very high chance of getting a girl.

Let's see how true this would be ... heehee....and this baby's estimated due date is on Lionel's 3rd birthday which is on the 18th May 2017. How coincidence is that?!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Little Lionel turned 2!

Time flies and now I am already 2 years and 4 months old.

Haven't been seeing aunt Estee and uncle Rocky and Casey for a long time, so I am looking forward for aunt Estee and uncle Rocky's wedding reception on the 23rd October 2016! 
(Dang dang dang dang.....)

I know we are all very busy people....and I am also busy growing up!

Mommy would like to share with you a few of my milestones for the 1st - 2nd year:
  • Sitting steadily - 6 months old
  • Roll over - 9 months old
  • Standing on my feet with support - 12 months old
  • Walking independently - 18 months old
  • Start talking words which mommy understands - from 2 years old

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I am still enjoying my mommy's milk.
  • My favourite foods are grapes, ice cream, chocolate and chicken rice (and RICE).
  • I love pet animals like fish, tortoise, cat and dog (I frequently visit Joann "kai yee" at the pet shop where she works at and I play with the dogs and cats there).
  • I sometimes follow mommy to Qdees school and see her teach Kinderbeat music.
  • My most used word lately is "Don't want" and I use that a lot when mommy asked me to do something like taking bath, brushing my teeth, sitting on the potty and drink my water.
  • I always ask mommy to read books and sing song for me.
  • My favourite song is "We Are" by Kari Jobe. I always sing along in the car.
  • My favourite shirt is the ones with "Car" and "Mickey Mouse" cartoon.
  • My favourite toy is my small Red car.
  • I love to go "kai kai" with mommy and daddy.
  • I always ask mommy to bring me to buy bread after she finish teaching, WITHOUT fail (when I follow her to teach)
  • My favourite books are "Maisy" by Lucy Cousins and "Humble Heart - a book of virtues" by Amy Meyer Allen.

Now...for a 2 years old who haven't been to school, I think I'm pretty smart. Heehee...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Meeting Lil' Prince in person

Finally, finally. 
A bodo meet up! T_T
Time&tide waits for no man/woman/anything, but forever we are bodo friends!

So sibeh excited to meet lil' prince today!!
hahahah!! :D:D
Sylvia's baby!!! OMGLA!!
she's the 1st of my close friends to give birth! :D:D:D
Sad I din't do anything for her to feel better after reading her labour post :(

Sorryyyyy Bodoby! T_T

Arrival of lil'prince!!!!
Kill me please!!!!
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 p="">

hahaha maybe a bit ah pek looking here! 
But i confirm with you, it's camera problem. 
Baby no problem, cause baby is just cute! LOL
Cute should be his name. Not Lionel.

or it can be.

We were very lucky to secure the VIP looking area!
Complete with fake looking (poking & itchy) grass & swing!
I damn auntie stand there & wait for the spot LOLOL
I told ah pek pocky "must have best spot for baby!!

KC so nice, wanna share his gelato with him but baby no choi LOL
wait next time, see he will tarik that spoon from you ok??
Dowan his fingers anymore! 

 Was a lil worried the noise would wake baby Lionel up. But ...he slept damn well through out.

In fact a bit too well la.
Cause KC & me waited forever for baby Lionel to wake up so we can play.

Till we were desperate.
We started poking his cheeks & rubbing his tummy hahahaha
Kns friends Ops*

I think at this point, we overdid it already LOL
See the super frowny face!!
I honestly thought this face looks like you leh Sylvia! :D:D
I don't know why LOLOL maybe feels like your young that time punya face.

We will cont to act like monkeys for you for years to come! LOL

LOLOL Also will poke you for years to come!!

OMG, I can't wait to go shopping for him!!!!
But Sylvia de SMS maciam warn me don't simply buy stuff in a nice way liao...LOL
Okayla, i only buy educational stuffs!!!
Make you into a smartboy! Not playboy!
you know too much toys punya playboy? *uh-hm*

LOL Lionel when you see this when you older, this one your mama art direct one!
Lion for Lionel she says HAHAHAH
Next time I can imagine when she teach you ABCs. 

Love baby Lionel's name.
Maybe cause I don't know any Lionel. So he will always be the 1st! :D
 Babybaby, till we meet again. 
Grow strong & healthy & of course, happy! :D:D
Bring sunshine to your mama ok?? :D:D

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Lionel's Arrival on 18.05.2014

Baby Lionel was born on the 18.05.2014 in the morning, 10 days before Bodoky's birthday.....though the year is way far apart...heehee! So, next year we all can celebrate 2 birthdays together. Yay!!

3 months old pregnant with Lionel

At the music centre - 17th May, 3:30pm

Lionel's estimated due date was 30th May and he is 2 weeks earlier than that date. Before Lionel was born, my water broke the day before at around 3:30pm while I was teaching at the music centre. It feels strange at first...the feeling of having the water flow down and I wasn't sure what it was until I went to the toilet to check. My whole panty was wet and I was wearing my maternity tights, so it helped me to absorb the initial flow of water.

I kept myself calm and called Keat to tell him about it....

Keat: Hello...

Me: Hi water broke....

Keat: What water broke?

Me: water....just broke...

Keat: Oh...I call you back later.

Me: Oh.... *Confused for a while*

Well, after he called me back...he told me that I have to get to the hospital straight away from the music centre. There goes my ideal labor that I always imagine myself to be in...the labor where I can just stay at home and probably sleep, take my time to shower and eat something before my labor reaches the active stage before going to the's all GONE!

While waiting for Keat to fetch me from the music centre..I had to stay in the toilet as my water kept leaking out by itself. It wasn't pain but it does freak me out as to whether it was okay that I'm losing THAT much water!

During my pregnancy, we had debates going on (I chose this word rather than 'quarrel') to decide on whether I will be delivering in a private hospital or government hospital. Well, I really thank God that I chose to obey Keat to deliver at the government hospital. You will know why soon.

At the hospital - 17th May, 5:30pm

At the hospital, I had to change to the hospital clothing (Sorry I didn't take any photo with it. I didn't look good in it anyway in a big sarong and big top) and given a checkup on baby's condition. The nightmare comes when the nurse uses her finger to poke me at the bottom to check how dilated I was...and I was only 1cm dilated...far beyond 10cm!!!!

Keat was waiting for me at the waiting I went out and told him the current situation and asked him to go home first as I don't think I will be delivering anytime soon.

I was given a temporary bed to rest and sleep after having a simple dinner at the pantry...there were some other expecting mothers there as well...but I couldn't sleep (who can sleep at this point of time??). I was given 3 antibiotic shots (2 hours once) because I was continuing to lose water and the baby might get infection because there's not enough fluid to protect him from bacteria.

At the hospital - 18th May, 3:00am

By 3am...I was called into another room. My nightmare continues when another nurse poke me to check how dilated I was again...I was still 1cm. There were a few nurses there and then I saw another nurse with a pill in her hand and she inserted into my vagina. That is the pill used to induce labor. I was sent back to my bed to rest. From that time onwards, I started having mild contractions until around 6am, the contractions grew stronger and unbearable.

At the hospital - 18th May, 6:00am

I was then sent to the delivery room and that was the start of experiencing great pain. I read before that induced labor pain is much greater than normal labor. However, this is my first I couldn't compare the pain. The nurse poked me again in the delivery room and said...2cm. I was so disappointed...and kept praying to God to give me the strength. Then...a Chinese male doctor came into the delivery room. He wanted to poke me again to confirm my dilation....
I asked him if I could skip that part for a while, he told me that if I do not comply to what they need to do, they will not be responsible if anything bad happens later on. So, I let him poke me again....and it was SUPER pain as I think he forced-massaged my dilation to be bigger. After that, I was left to bear the contraction pains until around 7:30am.

At the hospital - 18th May, 7:30am

The doctor came back and told me that he's going to be very straightforward to me and say I only have two choices to choose from...and it's up to me to make. First, is to follow all his instructions and deliver the baby naturally...and second, to have a Caesarian. And if I chose to deliver naturally but I couldn't push the baby out in time, I will need to be sent for emergency Caesarian operation.

My heart sank when I hear his words, but I know that I really want to deliver naturally and do not want any operation. So...there goes the process of poking me again. The doctor forced-massage my dilation from 2cm to cm....4cm to 6cm...and by 8cm he asked me to start pushing. I'm still impressed on how he dilates me. Because as I heard from Joann's sister, she was also induced because her baby was overdue...but she was left to suffer the pain for hours and she said she even gripped her own hand into a fist until her palm was injured.

At the hospital - 18th May, 7:50am

The big clock is just right in front of the time was very clear to me. When the doctor taught me how to 'bear down'. I didn't know what it means to 'bear down' I don't even attend any pre-natal classes or read about how to do normal delivery. I knew there were different positions to deliver the baby...but I didn't know how it is like at the real situation and how the doctor would want me to deliver it. I started pushing around 7:50am. Surprisingly, the pushing part is not painful...unlike all the previous pokings and all the contractions. I just follow the push when there's a contraction coming. Though it's not painful...the pushing surely takes a lot of energy out of me.

At the hospital - 18th May, 8:12am

And after 20 minutes of pushing...Lionel comes into this world and he was placed on my chest right away for the first time bonding. I couldn't see his face...only the top of his head, because he was placed horizontally against my body. So I just hold and touch him for the first time...I can feel him moving but he wasn't crying.

The stitches on my vagina was around 40 minutes...I didn't dare imagine how many stitches I had from that amount of time they take to stitch. I tried to focus on Lionel instead of the stitching process. And after the stitches were completed, Lionel was taken away from me to be cleaned and wrapped.

Oh...actually husbands were allowed in the delivery room in this hospital but only when the wife is 10cm dilated. Keat was waiting in the car at the hospital but the hospital didn't call him in until Lionel was out. I didn't mind as I think I could focus on the delivery process much better that way and I didn't want Keat to see how much in pain I was.

To the extend when I was discharged from the hospital that day, he even dare to ask me in the car, "When is our next baby?".
I asked him to skip that topic for now...

Back to when Lionel was just born, Keat got to see him "fresh" from being cleaned and wrapped. His eyes was wide open and he was looking at his papa for the first time....

....before closing his eyes.

Discharged from the hospital - 25th May

Lionel and me was in the hospital for a week before being discharged. This is because Lionel had to stay on to be monitored for jaundice as he was diagnosed with Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD), which he doesn't have enough of this enzyme to protect his red blood cells. This deficiency is inherited and I didn't know I am the carrier until I have Lionel.

During my stay, Lionel had to be put under the phototreatment for 5 days to help reduce his jaundice level.

Hospital cost

For having to safely deliver Lionel in this hospital and having to stay for 1 week there with the phototreatment for Lionel, having the nurse to take bath for him every morning, the hospital bill came to RM34.00.

You can imagine how much we saved from the hospital cost!!! If it's for the private hospital...believe me if I say that it would easily reach RM10k.

Welcome to our world

Lionel is a gift from God and I am so happy and blessed to have him. I can see how Keat 'sayang' him so much...even kiss him more than his kiss me now.
It's fine with me because I 'sayang' Lionel too....
And I can't wait to introduce all of you to him in person ....